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Alice in Decentraland concert, April 11th at 7h pm EST

Alice in Decentraland

Alice in Decentraland live musical performances by The Mighty Goodtimes and Tiara & Andrew

Concert hosted by River Cowen, performances by Tiara and Andrew + The Mighty Good Times

Join us as we bring Wonderland to Festival Land’s hottest concert venue, London Underground! “Alice in Decentraland” offers its guests a taste of Wonderland as its host, River Cowen finds herself in a world of peculiarity, riddles, and of course live musical performances by The Mighty Goodtimes and Tiara & Andrew!

As the concert rages on, guests will be presented with riddles to solve in order to help save River from the dreadful fate of being trapped in Wonderland! The answers to these riddles will be needed to solve the Grand Riddle that is the key to River’s freedom.

Once the Grand Riddle is solved and we know that River is safe and out of danger, guests that provided the correct answer to the Grand Riddle will be entered for a chance to win the first NFT of the Hourglass Live collection to be announced that night!

James, from Alice in Decentraland

Update: Take a look at the concert that was presented in the metaverse

The Mighty Good Times

Click here to listen to The Mighty Goodtimes on Spotify

Tiara & Andrew

Click here to listen to Tiara & Andrew on Spotify

Join the event Sunday, Apr 11 from 11:00pm to 12:00am UTC

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