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Artist launches CryptoPunks spinoff, CrypToes

The CrypToes NFT project

The CrypToes NFT project

Hey, don’t kink shame!

Digital artist Yugen420 has released an NFT project called CrypToes, yes you heard it right! The collection currently counts more than 400 crypto toes, each one with a unique twist and/or variation. A little breath of fresh air among all the stuff of questionable quality that has been popping all over OpenSea lately.

They are “hand-drawn” (not computer-generated) and come in different series. Of those 400 CrypToes, 35 of them are currently released on OpenSea.

I have to say, when I saw this project, I was really amused by the whole concept. You don’t have to have a foot fetishism to be able to appreciate this collection.

I have contacted the artist and asked him a couple of questions regarding his work, background, and inspiration. Here’s what he told me :

What’s your background? Is this your first project?

I am a graduated contemporary artist, with a major in music. But I have meddled with all my life with visual arts. After all, art is just a language to express ideas. Currently, I’m finishing my Master’s studies in contemporary performance. It feels like it’s far away from drawing CrypToes but there is a connection. Yes, this is my first project, but there are many more to come.

What does your work aim to say?

When I started with the idea of CrypToes, I gave myself the challenge to try and make many variations on one theme – completely inspired by the book “Exercises in Style” by the French novelist Raymond Queneau. In his book, Raymond rewrites a one-page story in 99 different amazingly wit styles and that was my initial goal with CrypToes. The concept of variations on one theme existed even much earlier than Raymond’s book. For example, in music, we have variations on a theme from as early as the 14th century. Today we live in the modern era of art and one can use anything as a canvas to portray every idea ones have.

What was the inspiration for Cryptoes , besides the obvious CryptoPunks ! Why toes?

To be completely honest, during my research of NFTs and the world of crypto art I was watching a video of a YouTuber explaining what NFTs are. Many times in his video he mentioned the word “crypto”, which in British English sounded to me like he was saying “Cryptoe”, with “toe” at the end. Immediately I got the idea of a -play on words- a collection called CrypToes. That’s how the first CrypToes was born.

I first saw Crypto Punks much later in the process. The collection just confirmed my idea for different twists on one particular theme and encouraged me to continue drawing CrypToes.

How long have you been in the crypto scene? how did it start?

It all started only two months ago when I saw an article called “Five new ways for artists to earn money in 2021”. Naturally, I read it, and at the top of the list were NFTs. I did my research and although at first, it was hard to grasp I really liked the concept and the potential it has. So basically I am very new to the crypto scene and I believe non-fungible tokens to be one of the best ways for artists to get recognition and earn doing what they love to do.

Thank you Yugen420, keep up the excellent work!

You can find CrypToes on Rarible or on OpenSea.

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