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Atari Casino Official Launch Date

Atari Casino Launch Party - Live Performance by Dillion Francis

Atari Casino Launch Party - Live Performance by Dillion Francis

Last month, Atari announced a collection of NFT’s, partnered with hotels and casinos, and launched their own token

The group, which became French in 2003, also plans to build several hotels and open a new kind of online casino. It should also be noted that Atari has already recently entered the cryptocurrency market by offering its own currency, Atari Token.

The American company, which passed under the French flag following its takeover by Infogrames in 2003, has tried on several occasions to return to the forefront of the video game scene, notably with a mini version of the Atari 2600 and more recently the Atari VCS., a “modern” and hybrid console, half console, half PC, which does not seem to match the PS5 and the Xbox Series.

Atari announced on April 6th that the company will be split into two parts. One will be focused on games, while the other will be dedicated to blockchain technology and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The news accompanies the inauguration of Wade Rosen as the new CEO, who previously served as chairman of the board.

This is very bullish news.

The Atari casino on Decentraland

Shortly after its rather successful launch into the digital currency market, Atari announced the opening of a “crypto-casino” on Decentraland, an interactive and open-source virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The principle of the crypto-casino is obviously the same as a traditional casino. Cryptoassets – people with a virtual currency wallet – can gamble their money in virtual casinos without having to convert their dollars or euros.

3D render of another project from Atari

But Atari’s launch into the crypto-entertainment market will not be limited to casinos. “Atari is about to move the gaming experience to the blockchain,” said CEO Frédéric Chesnais. The Atari casino will actually offer several online games reminiscent of the most legendary creations of the company. Players will then be able to earn Atari NFTs, but also Decentraland’s native token, MANA. The currency allows the acquisition of LANDs, plots of land on the platform – as well as Atari Tokens.

The official launch date is finally made public, to include a live Performance by Dillion Francis

Join us for the grand opening and launch party of the brand new Atari Casino in Vegas City! With over $10k USD in prizes, free wearables, and a live performance by the legendary Dillion Francis!

Enjoy Atari-themed games along with blackjack and roulette, while wagering the $ATRI token in addition to $MANA and $DAI. A rare Atari POAP and surprise Dillon Francis NFTs will be available only at the event.

Come hang out with friends, win some crypto, and celebrate Atari’s partnership with Decentral Games while we party with Dillion Francis and Gerald!


Wednesday, April 28 from 08:00 pm to 09:00 pm UTC, on the Metaverse! We will be there!

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