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Crypto Ry Club event on Friday, April 16th at 1h PM EST

Crypto Ry Club Event

Crypto Ry Club Event

Crypto Ry Club presents live music by Serena Elis, showcase NFT artworks from three crypto artists

Tomorrow on Friday, from 1 PM EST to 6 PM, Crypto Ry Club invites you to a mega party on the Metaverse!

Upcoming musical artist Serena Elis will be offering a live performance on Decentraland. She is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer who’s originally from New York.

She currently produces electronic music and a variety of other genres using the art of Controllerism and her vocals. Her musical background in classical instruments has helped her develop a futuristic approach to music composition by using the latest technology and software. . She is an innovator in her own way, and enjoys being receptive to all music cultures with her open mind developing artistry.  Progressive in her approach to audio engineering will be a continuum of modern and sophistication.

Stone Heart by Serena Elis

Be a Part of our Legendary Virtual Partys @decentraland in the Amazing Crypto Ry Club Location -114,-40

We have developed a whole New Area with Amazing features and Entertainment for you!

We are featuring 5x New NFT Artists at this upcoming Event Connect to them Life while Browsing their Creations!

Enjoy our Live Music Event with Live Singer Serena Elis! and meet amazing people out of the NFT & DCL Community from around the world!

– 1st Floor Entry Serena Elis
– 2nd Floor Merchandise Area
– 3rd Floor Hot NFT Art Collection Showcase
– 4th Floor The Sky Lounge VIP Area Backstage Area for our Exclusive Guest & Fans!


This event will also showcase NFT artworks by CrypToes, Cypherbear, Amatoartista, NFTKungen, and Cyberbabes

Artwork by Digital artist Yugen420

When I started with the idea of CrypToes, I gave myself the challenge to try and make many variations on one theme – completely inspired by the book “Exercises in Style” by the French novelist Raymond Queneau. In his book, Raymond rewrites a one-page story in 99 different amazingly wit styles and that was my initial goal with CrypToes. The concept of variations on one theme existed even much earlier than Raymond’s book. For example, in music, we have variations on a theme from as early as the 14th century. Today we live in the modern era of art and one can use anything as a canvas to portray every idea one has.

Artwork by CypherBear

Welcome to the Bear Market.

All CypherBears are unique and have up to 11 different properties out of the more than 120 possible properties.

There are over 1 million possible CypherBears of which only 10,001 shall be released.


Artwork by Kungen

Artwork by Cyberbabes

Be part of the LEGENDARY party! Click below to join!

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