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EmberSword announces the Solarwood land sale on May 27th

EmberSword announces the Solarwood land sale

EmberSword announces the Solarwood land sale

And so, it begins – the Solarwood land sale will take place on May 27th at 9 am PDT/18:00 CEST/24:00 CST over at Embersword

You can go there right now to see pricing, more information on land, and the new Starlit Solarwood trailer. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and today they are finally announcing the first sale of plots! Lots more to follow in the coming days, so stay tuned!

The first land sale features roughly 12,000 of the 40,000 land plots available in one of the three in-game nations, Solarwood. Land prices are shown after the 50% discount in this first round of the sale. The discount will be decreased for each subsequent land sale until the standard price is reached.

When clicking Purchase Land you will be provided with a map, where you can select which regular plots, settlements, towns, or cities you’d like to purchase. The traits of the regular plots will be unveiled along with the game world.

What is EmberSword?

If you’re unfamiliar with Ember Swordit’s described as a F2P cross-platform MMORPG where you can defeat monsters, bosses, and take part in PvP in classless combat. It’s set to feature mining, fishing, woodcutting, and other mechanics. If you’re interested, you can actually register here.

The studio is now called Bright Star Studios, who was joined by a new Senior Producer, Allan Kirkeby.

Other additions include Play Ventures and Galaxy Interactive who have joined the team with investment and manpower. Anton Backman is also joining the board of Bright Star Studios. If interested, take a look at some pre-alpha footage on Youtube.

Create a character, pick a home region, and venture into the mysterious world to prove your worth in action-packed classless combat. Defeat monsters, bosses, and other players, or explore the world as a peaceful forager of goods and rares making a name for yourself as a talented refiner and craftsman of weapons and armor.

From combat to mining, fishing, woodcutting, and more, everything you do increases your skills’ level, which unlocks new advancements, increased efficiency, or new abilities to cast. But what you do and when is entirely up to you!


  • Rewarding End-Game Content
  • Endless Activities
  • A World Ruled By You!
  • Play Anytime, Anywhere!

The future is here

Virtual reality casinos and shopping centers. Play-to-earn gaming can generate wages above a doctor’s in some countries. Social tokens backed by rare NFTs unlock access to vibrant communities. Disruptive platforms seeking to overthrow traditional models.

To think, a decade or 2 ago, you’d get made fun of for playing video games in school, and yet here we are:

In 2023, the number of gamers worldwide will surpass 3 billion.

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