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Eminem is set to sell his first NFT

God-rapper Eminem drops 1st NFT's

God-rapper Eminem drops 1st NFT's

Eminem is set to sell his first NFT, following the recent Saturday Night Live parody sketch that used one of his songs to explain the current craze.

After the clip was shared on Twitter by SNL, Eminem responded with a ‘thinking’ emoji, hinting that he was set to plan some sort of release around the viral parody sketch. The SNL clip sold for a whooping $365K.

Then Eminem shared a tweet from NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, revealing that Eminem’s first NFT is set to go on sale this Sunday (April 25). More details are set to be announced soon.

“Two silicon boys were talking outside, talking outside, talking outside,” Davidson raps in the bit, where he’s dressed up as Em’s fake superhero character Rap Boy from the “Without Me” video. “Now what the hell’s an NFT/ Apparently cryptocurrency/ Everyone’s making so much money/ Can you please explain what’s an NFT?”

NFTs have regularly been in the news recently, with the music industry and artists such as GrimesThe WeekndKings Of Leon getting involved in the craze. Are you still wondering WTF is a NFT? Click here to read more.

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