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Iggynore’s pop-up art show!

Sunday, Mar 21 from 09:00pm to 10:00pm UTC, Iggynore is presenting : X-Treme Chill-Out #3 !
Iggynore is a comics artist and digital art creator who draws in chibi style which is super cute !

Come hang out at iggynore’s Pop-Up gallery in Decentraland! Share the weekly news, get informed about the artist’s projects, collect exclusive badges and much more!

You can’t make it for the show today ? No problem ! I have visited his pop-up art gallery and uploaded the video to youtube for you to see ! I have to say, i love the architecture of his gallery, the style, the colors, the whole scene is incredible !

I let you judge by yourself !

Join the event now in Decentraland by clicking below!

If you wish to learn more about Iggynore’s art you can catch him on facebook or instagram !

Iggynore ART – The Art of Igor Noronha | Facebook

Igor Noronha (@iggynore) Instagram

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