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McDonald’s announces ridiculous NFT’s : Big Mac’s, Mc Nuggies, and more

McDonald's NFT

McDonald's NFT

McDonald’s France joins the NFT hype train, teasing digital artworks of its iconic dishes on social media.

Right when I thought I had seen it all… After CryptoKongz, Waifusion, SNL and even Paris Hilton… Now McDonalds?And the worst part? They gonna sell.

Unlike other brands that’ve released NFT’s recently, McDonald’s isn’t selling digital artworks; instead, it’s offering them as prizes in a social media contest. The NFT’s will represent some of the most popular items on the restaurant’s menu.

The fast-food giant announced the release of the first two NFTs—representing a box of Chicken McNuggets and the famous Big Mac—in an Instagram post on Sunday, accompanied by the hashtag “#McDoNFT”.

It was followed by a Twitter post on Tuesday, announcing two more McDonald’s NFTs–sundae and fries.

The videos will be minted by New York-based agency DDB and uploaded to OpenSea

There will be five copies of each work, making a total of 20 unique works, french newspaper la Réclame reported.

Unlike other brands who’ve released NFTs in recent weeks, McDonald’s isn’t putting the digital artworks up for sale. Instead, McDonald’s France will hold a contest among its social media followers. From April 9 to April 13, they will compete for the first two NFTs, and from April 14 to April 18, for the other two.

However, according to DDB head of social media Pierre Guengan, the winners will be free to whatever they want with their NFTs. “If a person wants to sell it, it’s possible, but it will not be our doing,” Guengan told la Réclame.

In addition to the NFT, the contest winners will receive a digital frame reproducing the work in the real world. According to Guengan, the idea was to make the technology accessible to the general public, including the less tech-savvy.

The NFT market is hot

The whole NFT market has blown up the past few months, with sales volumes reaching all-time highs about a month ago, amid headlines about digital artworks from artists like Beeple, who sold his artwork for over $60 million.

Brands have been quick to seize the opportunity, launching their own digital collectibles and artworks.

They include Playboy, which will launch digital collectibles via a partnership with the Winklevoss-owned NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, TIME magazine, which issued three covers as NFTs, and even Taco Bell, which launched a collection of taco-themed digital collectibles on NFT marketplace Rarible.

Despite the media attention (which included a Saturday Night Live skit that went on to sell as its own NFT), NFTs still have a long way to go before they hit the mainstream; according to a recent survey, only 27% of Americans are familiar with NFTs.

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