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NBA’s TopShot Cool Cats 4 drops on April 15th at 11 AM PDT

NBA TopShot Cool Cats Drop 4

NBA TopShot Cool Cats Drop 4

Let the final countdown begin: The fourth drop of four from the Cool Cats set touches down on Thursday, April 15 at 11 AM PDT. 

An NBA Top Shot nod to CryptoKitties, the Dapper Labs project that came before it, Cool Cats has become a defining common set in Series 2 with a drop per month since January and the much-anticipated LaMelo Ball Master Challenge. 

Cool Cats Drop 4 shows love to NBA players who pounce on new opportunities: those who’ve found themselves in new homes in 2020-21 but haven’t missed a beat. Read on to see some of the players whose Moments you can get your paws on from this drop or read the full list now.

The Cool Cats Drop 4 Moments will each be numbered to 20,000 and all will be part of the requirements for a coveted Challenge Reward featuring ultimate offseason trade acquisition Russell Westbrook draining a game-winning triple for his new franchise.

In addition to the common Cool Cats Moments available in this drop, each collector will pull four Base Set Moments from Series 2. 

Beyond general adherence to our standard terms and conditions, there are no collection requirements for participating in this pack drop.

A total of 92,500 packs will be made available to collectors in this pack drop. 7,500 packs will be withheld for community giveaways, customer service, and promotional purposes. 

Key stats of this drop

Pack cost: $14

Moments Per Pack: 5 (common Cool Cats x 1, common Base Set x 4)

Drops: 11 AM PDT, Thursday, April 15

Rebound Packs: 0

Number-capped Moments: 20,000 of each common Cool Cats 4 Moment

Packs Per Collector: 1

Driving the news: Dapper Labs — the maker of NBA Top Shot, which has run a market for these basketball collectibles since 2019 — is announcing $305 million in fresh funding on Tuesday.

  • The round values Dapper at $2.6 billion.
  • Investors include VC firms such as Coatue, Venrock and Andreessen Horowitz, as well as an all-star collection of sports stars and Hollywood personalities, including NBA players Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Kyle Lowry, as well as Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith, and Shawn Mendes. TopShots has also recently acquired $305 million more in funding.

And everything seems to point to a new venture linked to the UFC.

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