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#NFTuesday Scavenger Hunt on May 4th

#NFTuesday Scavenger Hunt | Hosted By The Decentraland Report

#NFTuesday Scavenger Hunt | Hosted By The Decentraland Report

Kevin is a technology lover, musical NFT artist & collector, host of The Decentraland Report

Every Tuesday, he runs an event on Decentraland called “#NFTuesdays”. He’s been running this event since February 16th, and it gets bigger every week. He talks music, NFT’s and Metaverse, chats, and hangs around with his fans. And this week, he’s at it again.

The event is on Tuesday, May 4th, and it starts right at 7:00 pm EST.

Streaming for me is about connecting with friends around the world who are passionate about art, technology, and discovery. I mainly stream Decentraland, where I’ve been able to not only find new ways to create but also see a future for artists which has never been possible before.


Watch Kevin on Twitch!

Every #NFTuesday we get together in the metaverse to explore, discover, and win NFT’s!
Sponsored by amazing artists each week, we partner with your local celebrity artist to put together a fun scavenger hunt that will send you running around to find hidden treasures!
Come to meet with friends, have fun, and a chance to amp up your collection of blockchain goodies.

Here’s how we play:

On Tuesday we start right at 7:00 pm EST.

Get an extra +10 Points to your score by collecting the POAP at the event start location (-44, 74)

Tune in LIVE to hear the hints and action at https://www.Twitch.TV/KevinOnEarth999 (Please Follow :D)

You will be presented with a hint to locate a place like MetaZoo International, or maybe to bust a dance move in front of your favorite CROMULON NFT.

Take a snapshot/screengrab/photo and share it on Twitter with #NFTuesday

Win extra points before and during the game by answers trivia questions that come up on Twitter (@KevinOnEarth999)

Email with your Twitter handle so we can tally your score in the end.

It’s that simple!

Sponsored by amazing brands like DC Metaverse Studios, and NFT Artists like @RemoCamero, this event has become almost a tradition for our community, and you are welcome to join anytime!

See you on #NFTuesday!

Some of our Previous Sponsors: Decentraland DC Metaverse Studios RemoCamero MetaZooInternational Sango of the East AltCoinRadio Cromulon Poly_Annie XetaLatex The Easter Bunny Mich Palmer Bitbears Bitbonez #OnEarthBand <—- Making noise in the Metaverse!

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