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Paris Hilton drops NFTs, makes over $1.11m in sales

Paris Hilton drops 1st NFT collection

Paris Hilton drops 1st NFT collection

Celebrity Paris Hilton has joined the non-fungible token (NFT) movement by launching her very own NFT collection.

Paris Hilton has collaborated with designer Blake Kathryn to launch her own collection of NFTs. The series features three unique pieces.

Two out of the three pieces offered multiple sales. “Hummingbird in my metaverse” and “Legend of love” both featured 11 editions for sale, with the “Iconic Crypto Queen” NFT only offers one edition.

Both “Hummingbird in my metaverse” and “Legend of love” have sold out at $10,000 each, bringing in $220,000 in sales for Hilton.

Meanwhile, the “Iconic crypto queen” auction concluded on Sunday, selling for $1.11 million

Hilton describes herself as “an icon in every endeavor she’s pursued”. From the original influencer to a wildly successful DJ and innovative businesswoman.

Hilton further explains her journey into NFTs which she says began last year; with her charitable NFT titled “Cryptograph of Munchkin.”

NFT adoption continues to grow everyday

Hilton’s new series called Planet Paris is currently a huge success. With her latest set of NFTs set to rake in $1.5 million. Hilton states on her bio; “We hope it transports you to an ethereal moment of peace as it has for us.”.

NFT adoption continues to grow as celebrities, athletes, musicians, and artists continue to offer their own NFTs to fans. Auction houses, such as Christie’s, have also begun to adopt the idea of auctioning digital art.

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