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QuizZone Relaunch with prizes to win

QuizZone Relaunch with prizes to win

QuizZone Relaunch with prizes to win

QuizZone is a simple multiplayer game where players complete entertaining quizzes to reach the peak of the leaderboard and prove who is the savviest and the greatest quizzer!

QuizZone mainly consists of two playing modes:

  • Special quiz
  • Random quiz

A special quiz is a cross-realm regime where players have to complete a unique, one-time quizz. Special quizzes are organized for special events and one may even order their own quiz topic! The key feature of special quizzes is that every correct answer counts and the sum is displayed on the leaderboard. So in order to reach the “top 10”, you will have to be present on every special quiz! Special quizzes may be on a free topic, or questions may be offered from a sponsor. If you would like to become a sponsor of a special quiz, please leave your application here: click here.

A Random quiz is a per-realm regime. Players have to complete a certain quiz, chosen randomly from the backend quizzes-list. Random quizzes are always available to the players. So while waiting for the special quiz, you may come with friends to examine your knowledge and have fun!

And today, May 1st, at 8 PM UTC or 4 PM EST; they are inviting you to take part in our QuizZone relaunch event! With tons of prizes to win!

QuizZone Relaunch!
We invite you to take part in our QuizZone relaunch event! Saturday, May 1st at 8 pm UTC

QuizZone is an exciting multiplayer game. Players compete in entertaining quizzes to reach the peak of the leader board and prove who is the savviest quizzer! Battle your peers in this exciting take on a classic Quiz game. Stand in the correlating tile to the answer which you wish to select from the screen; Following others isn’t always the best strategy here, be careful not to get bluffed! Utilize our QuizZone boosters to gain an edge over your opponents!

Join us & our resident QuizMaster; compete for awesome NFT prizes provided by ourselves at DC Metaverse Studio & our friends over at Mana Fever

Quiz Prize Pool:

1st Legendary Sammich Frog Outfit Wearable!

2nd QuizZone ClubCard + DC Wearable Voucher

3rd DC Wearable Voucher

4th DC Wearable Voucher + 5 #VOXTERS to be awarded randomly to participants!

Prizes will be determined based on leader board results at the end of the 30 Question Quiz,

Learn more about the QuizZone:

Special thanks to our sponsor *

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