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Voyager Digital (VYGVF) continues its journey to the moon

Voyager Digital CSE:$VYGR OTCQC:$VYGVF

Voyager Digital CSE:$VYGR OTCQC:$VYGVF

Voyager Digital has been seated on the rocket for the past few months, aiming directly for the moon.

Voyager Digital Ltd. (CSE:$VYGR OTCQC:$VYGVF) provides crypto-currency brokerage services through a mobile app. The Company offers access to commission-free crypto and stocks trading. It also offers APR up to 8.5% on selected assets. It also enables users to deposit and withdraw over 50 different tokens.

With Bitcoin (BTC-USD) holding that $60K mark, and Coinbase going public on Wednesday, the whole crypto market is bound to go nuts.

But that’s not the only thing going for Voyager’s stock (VYGVF), which has had tremendous momentum and sustained gains recently. After a succeeding series of higher highs and lows, the stock is now consolidating between the $19 and $30 mark. As Voyager Digital’s holders wait for their lambo deliveries, the number of downloads on their app has been steadily increasing month after month.

The stock has been on an absolute tear gaining a staggering 5,600% in the past year. Not only is Voyager a publicly-traded crypto brokerage, but they also have their own cryptocurrency “Voyager Token” (VGX).

Amazing chart from Voyager Digital,

Over 56 million verified users are using the platform

In the first quarter of 2021, the platform boasted a total of over 1 million verified users. They have 6.1 million monthly transacting users. Total assets that are secured by Voyager are up to over $3 billion, half of which are from institutions. They also had revenue of approximately $20 million for 2020. Net deposits month over month exceed US$400 million. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you look back at the numbers from last year, they are impressive. It’s scaling, it’s being adopted, there’s a huge flow of money going in and out of the app.

If we annualize the profits so far for 2021, we are looking at a revenue of over $40 million this year. In our opinion, Voyager Digital is going to capture a good part of this emerging crypto economy, rivaling with concurrents Kraken and Coinbase. It is our opinion that Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies and staking rewards are gonna replace the traditional bank’s savings account. Some tokens offer irresistible annualized returns.

But fortunately, it is still low on the radar, ranking at #58 in terms of downloads in the Finance category. People are throwing numbers out for Coinbase’s IPO, and it should be valued somewhere between the $20B and $120B range. If Coinbase goes public with a massive valuation, we could see Voyager’s stock appreciating very quickly.

Tremendous sustained growth Indicates large upside ahead. And the whole crypto sector is on a tear.

If you think Coinbase’s IPO is going to be massive, you should probably grab yourself some shares of Voyager Digital.

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