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Walter Iooss Jr.’s NFT Opening launch, tommorow April 19th on Decentraland

Dodger Stadium 1993 by Walter Iooss Jr.

Dodger Stadium 1993 by Walter Iooss Jr.

Immutable Image presents Walter Iooss Jr.’s NFT Opening

Widely viewed as one of the greatest sports photographers of our time and called “the poet laureate of sports,” Walter Iooss, Jr.’s photographs have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, including more than 300 covers, for 58 years. Since the age of 17, Walter has photographed some of the most recognized athletes in sports history, including Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, and hundreds more.

And he’s releasing his first collection of NFT’s in the Metaverse.

Flexibility and reinvention are two attributes that can largely determine the successful career of a photographer, and Walter Iooss has been doing both for more than 50 years. A world-class sports photographer with the instinct of a seasoned journalist, combined with the eye of a master artist, allowed him to excel in the area of sports/action photography and commercial advertising. 

The Slam Dunk, Michael Jordan, 1988 by Walter Iooss Jr.

The immutable image gallery is proud to now be open and part of The Vegas Arts Village!
For our first event, we bring you the opening of Walter Iooss Jr.’s genesis NFT drop on makersplace!

Mr. Iooss is widely viewed as the world’s greatest sports photographer and called “the Rembrandt of sports,” due to his use of light, color, and composition. You may have recently seen him on ESPN/ABC’s 3 part documentary “GOATs: The Greatest of All Time” which has been on rotation since early March.

Along with the NFTs for sale, we are showing some of his premiere photographs from his 60-year career.
We thank you for stopping by in advance.

Immutable image

When? Monday, Apr 19 from 09:00 pm to 12:00 am UTC on Decentraland!

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