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Wondermine crafting reactivates on April 18th

Wondermine Crafting Re-Activated!

Wondermine Crafting Re-Activated!

After a small hiatus and some bug fixing, the Wondermine team is back with amazing news

WonderZone is an amusement park disctrict in Decentraland. WZ is the home to various games and park attractions, such as Dragon Rush and Koko Jones. But the most popular attraction is their WonderMine mining and crafting game.

WonderCoins is the currency that fuels the park. It’s what you use to mine WonderMine meteors, and you might see more ways to use and earn them throughout the park in the future! You get 100 free coins per day, but if you need more coins you can always visit the coin cart to purchase more coins for Mana. You also have a chance of getting some WonderCoins by mining meteors in the WonderMine game.

After a long stretch of fixing some security issues, we are re-activating the crafting machine for wearables minting! We are releasing the wearables in stages. So on Sunday 20 of each wearable will be made available. (Steampunk & Meteorchaser)

We will release a schedule for when we will make the rest craftable too, but it will not be long after this first event!

Keep up to date on wonderzone here:

WonderMine Team

Wearables crafting for the Wondermine will be made available again on Sunday, April 18th at 6h PM UTC.

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